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Seeds of Promise – From The Father’s Heart To Yours


Seeds of Promise is an inspiring and powerful reminder that the Father’s covenant promises for eternal destiny are not meant only for the great patriarchs of old, but are given to every believer as well. In Seeds of Promise, the author unfolds to each of us, not only the scriptural foundation for faith in God, but also how our Heavenly Father will sustain us to nurture to maturity His “seeds of promise” in our hearts.

James Macchi shows us how to persevere to fulfill God’s promises for us through our battles, heartbreak, pain and sufferings as we keep our eyes fixed on His Son! In this powerful revelation of the Father’s heart of love, the author points the reader continually toward the Incarnate Seed of Promise—Christ Jesus, Who is longing for His love to be planted into every human heart.



Guest:  James S. Macchi

James Macchi is a graduate of the University of Florida. He is an ordained minister with Rejoice Ministries International and travels to the nations with his wife, Donna. Macchi also authored No Longer an Orphan.