//Limitless Thinking – Limitless Living (Think Big, Ask Big, Expect Big, and Receive Big!)

Limitless Thinking – Limitless Living (Think Big, Ask Big, Expect Big, and Receive Big!)


God Is Calling You to Something Big! Are You Ready for It?
Have you set limits on what you “think” God can do in your life? It’s often easier to believe God has big things in mind for other people than to imagine He has great plans and bountiful blessings for us. Why is that? Usually, it’s a result of limited thinking. All around us, we encounter limitations. Some are imposed on us by other people and society; others are inflicted on us by our own damaged mind-set and behavior. We believe, “I’m not qualified,” “My resources aren’t sufficient,” “I’m all alone in this,” or “I’m not anointed.” God wants to completely turn your outlook around. He is a big God who majors in the miraculous, and He wants to help you develop limitless thinking that will enable you to fulfill a God-sized vision.

Our God-given potential, our zeal for advancing His kingdom, our divine dreams–these areas of our lives are meant to be without limitation. But most of us haven’t prepared for living a limitless life. Having overcome challenging personal, emotional, and financial limitations, Danette Crawford takes you through each step of the process of removing hindrances, enlarging your vision, and increasing your expectations of the big things God wants to do in you, through you, and for you. Thoroughly biblical and practical, Danette shows you how to adopt and maintain limitless thinking for a lifetime of limitless living. Get ready, because your life without limits is about to begin!



Danette Joy Crawford is a powerful international evangelist, author, speaker, and TV host with a refreshing message of hope and encouragement. She is the founder and president of Danette Crawford Ministries, which aims to spread the gospel around the globe with its media endeavors. Its outreach arm, Joy Ministries Evangelistic Association, organizes inner-city work with over twenty different compassion programs. It offers more than a handout; it gives a “hand up” to those in need. Through educational and mentoring programs, it assists at-risk youth and low-income families. The ministry also has many programs for single mothers, including Cars for Moms and Back to Work programs. Homeless single mothers and children are provided transitional housing through the Father’s House, which empowers single mothers to move forward after a difficult season of homelessness.

Danette’s television program, Hope for Today with Danette Crawford, is broadcast weekly into over 250 million homes. She and her ministry have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, TCT, TBN, Dove Network, The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Paula White Today, 100 Huntley Street, and other television shows and networks, as well as in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

Danette is the author of several books, including Don’t Quit in the Pit; God, You’ve Got Mail; Total Turnaround; Pathway to the Palace; and The Standard Setters. In everything she does, her goal is to see souls saved and lives changed. Danette holds a master’s degree in counseling from Regent University. Her website is: joyministriesonline.org.