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God’s Plan For You – Are You Ready?

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God does have a plan for you. It was tailor made with your DNA. It is hung in Heaven and “IT AWAITS YOU.”

God’s Plan For You, is Art’s true account of personal stories about him and others, that show how God moves in our life. His personal story about a “Healing Miracle” of a young boy, will inspire and encourage you to seek your own “tailor made plan.” His testimony of the compass he brought home from Vietnam shows how God can bless you in very personal ways.

Art’s near death experience demonstrates how the “Holy Spirit” reveals things in your life, before and after they happen. And his story about the loss of a son will show his faith and love for God is unshakeable.

It is my sincere desire to help you open your very own “Spiritual Door” and experience what God is waiting to do in your life. We are God’s “currency” and very valuable in His eyes.



Author:  Art Hall

Art is a Vietnam Veteran and widower, with 3 surviving children. A son and 2 daughters. He and his late wife, Sharon, were married 53 years. He is retired and lives in Ruston, Louisiana. God’s Plan For You, is his first book, and offers encouragement and insight for others to experience and follow their own individual plan God has for them.