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Financial Sin And The New Financial Nature- How The Holy Spirit Will Change Your Financial Life

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The manuscript is a prescription for the world’s infection of financial sin, which filters throughout society in government, business, and families. Financial sin is overcome by the Holy Spirit changing the heart and making financial decisions based on holy and Godly motives.

“Attitudes change . . . from suicidal events, like losing a job, into thankfulness. A job loss is God moving one out of a bad situation and moving the person into a more satisfying position, or giving the person an opportunity for study or for helping a sick relative. The budget balances not because of computer software or intensified guilt or a motivating life coach, but because a change in heart changes the desire, the hunger for things within these pushers, replacing it with a new contentment and a new financial peace,” the author says.

The book is devotional with easy-to-read short chapters. The chapters focus on forgiveness, dependence on the Lord, confession, suffering, submission to authority, giving, service to others, and perseverance in suffering. The tone of the book is one of encouragement and hope. Those who find themselves in a state of financial sin receive a loving and helpful hand rather than criticism for not following the rules of money management.



Guest:  Doug Knisely, CPA

Douglas C. Knisely is a certified public accountant, a former Certified Financial Planner™ and certified consumer credit counselor with master’s degrees in business and religion.  The author has experienced financial help and hope as the Holy Spirit carried him through a business financial failure and stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.