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Are You There God? Because I Am Still Single


So you believe in God – but why does he seem absent by not giving you a spouse? Why would a kind creator constantly frustrate your best dreams in life? And whether you are just starting your walk of faith, or have gone far with God…this failure to find a spouse can leave you desolate.

Much Christian literature on being a single either assumes you are somewhere just out of college, or are living in Victorian times. This book takes the reader on journey of a Christian single living for two decades in secular metropolitan Boston. G.T. Saliga dives into all the struggles, heartaches and philosophical wanderings you can go through in today’s society. This book partly offers reflections on the spiritual meaning of Christian message for singles today, and partly tells the two decade story of the author who discovered these truths while working through loneliness and near loss of faith. This reflective memoir is filled with romance, frustration, heartbreak, theology, humor, and philosophy…as the author fights to find God’s answers. Ultimately the greatest lesson is learned by radical dependence on faith to resolve this dilemma. Are you there God? Because I’m still single, offers great encouragement for any struggling Christian and ultimately encourages the believer to find answers in a deeper relationship with Christ.



Guest:  Glenn Saliga