• Discusses prayer fundamentals; the four critical elements: at-home daily prayer, the church at prayer, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism; and how to apply each of these to create a great awakening in yourself, your church, your sphere influence and the world.
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    sus rarely answered questions He was asked, but instead turned the tables by asking a piercing question of His own. Questions Jesus Asks goes through a broad spectrum of these, dealing with issues like morality, suffering, humility, faith, and much more.
    • Explore the unique paradox of Jesus' divinity and humanity
    • Be challenged by the questions Jesus asks each of us
    • Learn more about Jesus and find the answers to your own life's questions.John 17:3 tells us: "And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." There is no higher purpose in life than the knowledge of God through His Son. Prepare to learn far more about God and the nature of Jesus than you thought was possible. Jesus asks penetrating questions that cut passed the pretense and reach the target of our hearts.
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    The message of Jesus changed the world...until the world changed the message. Is a truncated and fragmented version of the good news masquerading as the full, forceful gospel of Jesus? A growing movement of truth-seekers and Jesus-lovers believe so, and they are calling for a return to the first and foundational message of Jesus. Join Bruxy Cavey, bestselling author and teaching pastor at The Meeting House, in the pages of Reunion: a dynamic investigation of the most earth-shattering, piety-smashing, life-changing news ever. Dig into Scripture with Cavey as he unfolds God s message for the world. Learn why you shouldn t follow the Bible (but why you ll want to read it to learn how to follow Jesus). Scout out the real definitions of sin and salvation, which might surprise you. Discover your true citizenship in the Jesus nation, where you might be ready to die for a cause but never willing to kill for one. Glimpse a God who is love itself and who, like it or not, just can t stop thinking about you.
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    Slings and Stones

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    OVERCOME your personal mind wars.
    YOU ARE IN AN INTERNAL WAR with an invisible giant who is
    relentlessly assaulting your thoughts, draining your energy, and
    keeping you from living a meaningful life.  Deep down you’re
    a lover of God and are aware of your incredible potential, but
    you’ve run into an intimidating giant that has you blocked.
    Negative thoughts are like invisible giants that live in the mind.
    Your thoughts will either strengthen or undermine the courage
    and confidence of your heart.  They don’t carry swords and spears, but they sabotage your thinking and keep you from God’s best.
    You can defeat these giants for good.
    Slings and Stones looks at the classic underdog story of David and
    Goliath to help you see that you can be like young David, who
    defeated his giant.  You can deconstruct the negative thoughts and attitudes that have infiltrated your mind, face down your giants, and triumphantly take hold of God’s plan for your life.
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    In November 2004, Lora Jones was a happy wife and proud mother of two beautiful children. Lora and her family left for a family vacation, excited to celebrate the holidays, but sounds of music and laughter in their van were shattered by a head-on collision. Lora watched helplessly as, one-by-one, her beloved family slipped into eternity. Awake in a nightmare, all traces of laughter were replaced by the mournful cries of a wounded heart. How in the world could Lora go on alone? Song of a Wounded Heart tells the true story of Lora’s journey from death to hope. Unbelievably, God sang to her the night of the accident. “Do not be afraid,” He whispered, “This is for my glory.” How could that be possible? She was crushed under the enormous pain, unable to think. In the months to come, as she struggled to understand, God patiently continued to sing, drawing her gently to His side, daring her to trust Him. Lora shares her personal journal entries, including the Bible reading plan God used to speak to her and stories of people in the Bible who also struggled with faith. Join Lora in Song of a Wounded Heart as she asks God questions, deals with anger and loneliness, and chooses to believe in the goodness of God, in spite of the circumstances.
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    Endorsed by Celebrities: Randy Travis, Pat Robertson, Shirley Jones, Pam Thum, Senator Charles Grassley, Kathi Macias, Joan Burney, Bob Cornuke, Carl Kerby, Margaret McSweeney, Ann Platz and more. Romance. Adventure. Alzheimer's. Victory. Hope... All of these fill Still Holding Hands. Still Holding Hands, based upon fact, written by Stacie Ruth Stoelting at age 15, quickly moves through a gripping story of love and triumph over adversity -- a story of faith. Discover why celebrities and readers alike love Still Holding Hands, ... Read it yourself.
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    Practical, humorous and faith-filled Addressing the difficult decisions adult children face when roles change and they must intervene in a parent’s care, Take My Hand Again includes an overview of common care options and questions to ask--of professionals, of prospective care facilities, and of the aging adults themselves. Readers will find valuable insight into the challenges of the aging process as well as much-needed hope and encouragement.
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    Amazing things happen when individuals and a church, corporately, begin to minister to their neighbor with intentionality, consistency, and passion. The Care Effect beautifully demonstrates how love of neighbor―the second Great Commandment―is essential to gospel proclamation, not incidental to it. Walk the streets of New Orleans with a body of believers as they show love to neighbor. Be inspired to find a way to let your deeds of love be united with words of truth so you too manifest the gospel to your neighbor.
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    There have been several books written by and about service members that have served during the Iraq War. "The Immeasurable Spirit: Lessons of a Wounded Warrior about Faith and Perseverance", was superbly written by an author with the personal insight and experience of a person who has faced and overcome tremendous adversity. Latoya Lucas brings us face to face with our inner- selves while simultaneously sharing her experiences of perseverance and faith even after suffering severe wounds from her service with the U.S. Army in Iraq. Why is it that some people are able to overcome their fears and persevere through life's adversities? By reading Latoya's story, you will come to understand how a person with faith and determination could rely on that faith when tested during an unbelievable hardship. Tom Brokaw, journalist and NY Times bestselling author,says "The Immeasurable Spirit" is a remarkable story of patriotism, courage, near death, recovery and inspiration."
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    The Jesus Mission

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    “How Do I Know What God Wants from Me?” Jesus came to earth to accomplish twenty-seven impossible missions, and He completed every one. He calls us to follow Him by pursuing four lifetime missions that enable us to bear spiritual fruit and “lay up treasures in Heaven.” He also gives us more than one hundred promises—promises that provide the foundation and building blocks for a supernatural, miracle-working faith.   The Jesus Mission reveals the core discovery of the author’s life, which propelled his greatest spiritual breakthrough. This same discovery can radically transform your walk with God. Find out, by reading Jesus’ words, how He made it possible for you to live out the four lifetime missions He has given you, starting today. “…whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” —John 14:12, niv
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    Is it scriptural for a woman to be a pastor? What should the response be to an abusive relationship? Is it OK for a woman to work outside the home? Go ahead...ask the tough questions! Although women in the United States have civil freedoms, equal rights in the workplace, and the full protection of law, many church leaders continue to quench the fire that burns in our sisters. We deny them equal rights to participate in the life of the church, and we slam the door on opportunities for leadership. In Women and the Church Grady takes these attitudes to task, providing answers from God’s Word that will set women free. This is not a "safe" Christian book that tells women to sit quietly and obediently in the back of the church. For far too long the church has prevented women from answering God's call on their lives. It's time for a change! "I will not be satisfied until the church repents for its gender prejudice and then fully releases women to obey the call of God on their lives.”    ―J. Lee Grady
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    About The Author: Lacey Buchanan is a native of Middle Tennessee who is enjoying raising two rambunctious boys, Christian and Chandler, with her husband, Chris. She recently earned her Juris Doctorate from Nashville School of Law. She has traveled the country for the last four years, sharing her family’s story and spreading a message of hope in God. She is an avid runner, a lover of books, and a follower of Christ, and she plans to use her education to practice in the areas of disability advocacy and education.