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    Esteemed author Robert J. Morgan explores 100 Bible verses that powerfully affected our leaders during defining moments in American history and reflects upon what these verses mean for us as a nation today. The Bible has played an essential role in American history, from the Mayflower to modern times—America’s moral and intellectual foundation: a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105). While not every founding father was a Christian, each was knowledgeable of the Bible. And while none of them was perfect, many embraced a deep faith in the unfailing Word of God. In vivid and readable segments, bestselling author and Bible teacher Robert J. Morgan tells stories you may have forgotten—or never knew. Along the way you’ll be reminded that the Bible is the cornerstone of encouragement for all people. It’s also God’s foundation of hope for you—and for the next generation. Again and again specific Bible verses and crucial biblical lessons have impacted critical moments and influenced the American way of life. 100 Bible Verses That Made America is a biblical tour of American history, a powerful and intimate exploration of our country’s founders, leaders, and seminal moments that laid the foundation for the formation of our country. As a nation, we’ve never needed the reassurances of Scripture more than we do today!
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    “How do we prevent our kids from starting to use drugs?” Effective drug prevention is an ongoing process that starts in the toddler years. This book is a guide to help you as this journey begins. The suggestions are age appropriate, but their goal will be to mold your child into a positive, self-assured teenager, one that will not be interested in drug use.
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    A Dove Set Free

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    The storm of Sarcoma engulfed the Hannah Sobeski family in 2006. Her mother Debbie now takes you on their journey through the flood. The pages of her prayer journal reveal the raw, vulnerable heart of a mother pleading for her child's healing. Just like the biblical Noah, Debbie reveals the preparation and provision of God as she relies again and again upon His Word. A Dove Set Free is the story of this mother's walk through a very intense storm.
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    This is a practical, easy-to-use resource for parents who want to help their children improve attention, focus, self-discipline, and patience. Written by the worlds leading authority on complementary medicine for children, it provides a solid scientific basis for using natural therapies to help your child succeed. The charts and worksheets offer you tools to realize your childs strengths, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones to success. The first chapters introduce basic concepts about ADHD and ADD, identifying common family goals for improving their childs attention and self-discipline. It frames these goals as skills to be mastered, building on the childs existing strengths. The next chapters focus on the five fundamental strategies to achieve success (healthy habits in a healthy habitat). These strategies include exercise, sleep, nutrition, managing behavior, emotions, and stress, positive communication, and optimal environment. The next chapters provide practical tools for translating these fundamentals into habits and tracking success. Later chapters cover additional strategies such as pills (medications, vitamins, and herbs), working with schools, counseling, biofeedback, massage, and acupuncture. The last chapter is a handy summary. The book includes links to helpful resources and provides over 200 references to recent scientific studies to support its recommendations.
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    A stunning revelation about the nation's Christian colleges! Apologetics powerhouse Ken Ham teams with Dr. Greg Hall for an eye-opening assessment of 200 Christian colleges and universities from across America. During the unprecedented 2010 study by Britt Beemer's America's Research Group (ARG), these colleges were polled on core faith questions...and the results are revealing and shocking!
    • Examine the beginnings of the Ivy League schools and their now forgotten purpose at their formation
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    God is both everywhere and always near, yet we often miss Him. In our ever-on, busy world, it requires intentionality to encounter God and learn to enjoy Him. In a fast-paced, perpetually distracted society, we often feel alone, outmatched by trouble, and overwhelmed by life. Bestselling author and pastor Robert J. Morgan recognizes that the very core of personal spirituality is knowing Him in whose presence we travel and in whose light we continually dwell. Learning to train our souls to awaken to the simple pleasure of being present with our Savior relieves what all-to-often overwhelms us. In Always Near, Morgan provides 10 ways we can cultivate the blessings of God's presence, including:
    • Discovering special places
    • Focusing on things unseen
    • Abiding in Scripture
    • Highlighting special times
    • Trusting God in difficulty
    • Serving God in ways large and small
    It is time to nurture a sense of the abiding nearness of Him who is closer than a brother so that you’ll know more of His joy, strength, and comfort. Experience a relationship with the God who made you, who loves you, and desires for you to enjoy His presence. Seek the Lord and so
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    This resource is designed to assist anyone who has had the unfortunate diagnosis of any type of terminal illness. This resource will help you get through those first couple of extremely stressful days. It will also help you plan for the path which will change drastically in days to come. If this is not a resource that you may need, I suggest you grabbing a couple of copies for friends, family and even business associates. We all know someone who has had the unfortunate conversation and we do not always have the proper words to say. This resource will help both you and them.  
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    I am a speaker and internationally published author, and women's advocate. I have served as the Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center and have personally ministered to hundreds of women to help them overcome the emotional trauma of a past abortion since 1996. I have had the opportunity to be featured on local and national media, including appearances on Babbie's House with Babbie Mason, Homekeepers with Arthelene Rippy, Nite Line with Dante Thompson and international media on Time for Hope with Dr. Freda Crews. I have shared my personal testimony in my book, Behind the Mask. I desire to help refresh people spiritually, and I desire to impart hope and healing to people who are frustrated with life. I grew up in the suburbs of Birmingham, AL and still live in the area today. My hope is that my books make your heart smile.
  • Most Christians don't know the importance of brokenness in a believer's life. If we want to be who God has called us to be, we must allow God to take us through periods of testing, trials, and breaking. In fact, we are broken for a purpose. God must break us of anything that stands in the way of us being a usable vessel. Some of the greatest leaders in the Bible went through extensive periods of breaking. Many lost their lives, family members, careers, and much more. Part of the salvation experience is a transformation process where God will destroy the parts of us that are in the way of us becoming obedient vessels. We must die to our flesh, to our desires, and anything else that will interfere with our ability to serve God. When God breaks us, He is stripping away some things. Greater than that, He is equipping us with what we need to be Christ-like. Many Christians run from adversity, trials, and tests. Many don't want to be broken, yet they want to be used and blessed by God. Our purpose can only be found by submitting to the breaking process that God takes every believer through. This book will teach you what it means to be broken, why we must be broken, and the purpose of that brokenness. Every believer desiring spiritual growth should read this book, "Broken for a Purpose."
  • Followers of Christ enjoy being redeemed from sin and having a knowledge that they will enter eternal life after their life on this earth is finished. However, how do we live as followers of Christ in this world? How do we conquer our daily sins? How do we experience God’s eternal plan today and each day in our human existence? It is difficult if we don’t clearly know what to believe and haven’t purposely and intentionally engaged in the process of renewing our minds. We must define our core values as followers of Jesus Christ! In this new edition of Discovering Your Core Values the writers have added processing exercises to help the reader develop and establish life-giving core values. Now one can more easily engage in the process of discovering and developing biblical core values. This process enables us to enter into a life of living free and full while being a fruitful disciple and follower of Jesus Christ! Also, in this edition, guidelines are offered for processing within a small group.
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    More Americans than ever are counting themselves among the “nones”—the cohort of Americans who are not necessarily atheistic, but who do not claim allegiance to a particular religious system. The key question is: why? Consider that the nation’s three main educational systems—the mainstream media, entertainment, and the university system—lean to the political left and typically paint an inaccurate picture of what Christianity truly is. With this in mind, Billy Hallowell skillfully explores how society’s main educational avenues fail to deliver fair-minded content and how their biases are reinforcing negative values and fueling the rise of the “nones.” Hallowell also offers practical steps for all Christians to take and provides advice on how to respond to these growing problems.

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