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  • This book is available for a donation of any amount. Everyone's Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare is a basic training manual for anyone who wants to understand spiritual warfare principles and know how to stand against satanic attacks. By incorporating demon-defying principles in our daily spiritual lives, we can learn to put the enemy to flight and move from bondage into freedom. The author also identifies several specific demonic spirits that attack God’s people, and provides strategies for overcoming evil in our lives.
  • Followers of Christ enjoy being redeemed from sin and having a knowledge that they will enter eternal life after their life on this earth is finished. However, how do we live as followers of Christ in this world? How do we conquer our daily sins? How do we experience God’s eternal plan today and each day in our human existence? It is difficult if we don’t clearly know what to believe and haven’t purposely and intentionally engaged in the process of renewing our minds. We must define our core values as followers of Jesus Christ! In this new edition of Discovering Your Core Values the writers have added processing exercises to help the reader develop and establish life-giving core values. Now one can more easily engage in the process of discovering and developing biblical core values. This process enables us to enter into a life of living free and full while being a fruitful disciple and follower of Jesus Christ! Also, in this edition, guidelines are offered for processing within a small group.
  • Most Christians don't know the importance of brokenness in a believer's life. If we want to be who God has called us to be, we must allow God to take us through periods of testing, trials, and breaking. In fact, we are broken for a purpose. God must break us of anything that stands in the way of us being a usable vessel. Some of the greatest leaders in the Bible went through extensive periods of breaking. Many lost their lives, family members, careers, and much more. Part of the salvation experience is a transformation process where God will destroy the parts of us that are in the way of us becoming obedient vessels. We must die to our flesh, to our desires, and anything else that will interfere with our ability to serve God. When God breaks us, He is stripping away some things. Greater than that, He is equipping us with what we need to be Christ-like. Many Christians run from adversity, trials, and tests. Many don't want to be broken, yet they want to be used and blessed by God. Our purpose can only be found by submitting to the breaking process that God takes every believer through. This book will teach you what it means to be broken, why we must be broken, and the purpose of that brokenness. Every believer desiring spiritual growth should read this book, "Broken for a Purpose."
  • This resource is designed to assist anyone who has had the unfortunate diagnosis of any type of terminal illness. This resource will help you get through those first couple of extremely stressful days. It will also help you plan for the path which will change drastically in days to come. If this is not a resource that you may need, I suggest you grabbing a couple of copies for friends, family and even business associates. We all know someone who has had the unfortunate conversation and we do not always have the proper words to say. This resource will help both you and them.  
  • So you believe in God – but why does he seem absent by not giving you a spouse? Why would a kind creator constantly frustrate your best dreams in life? And whether you are just starting your walk of faith, or have gone far with God…this failure to find a spouse can leave you desolate. Much Christian literature on being a single either assumes you are somewhere just out of college, or are living in Victorian times. This book takes the reader on journey of a Christian single living for two decades in secular metropolitan Boston. G.T. Saliga dives into all the struggles, heartaches and philosophical wanderings you can go through in today’s society. This book partly offers reflections on the spiritual meaning of Christian message for singles today, and partly tells the two decade story of the author who discovered these truths while working through loneliness and near loss of faith. This reflective memoir is filled with romance, frustration, heartbreak, theology, humor, and philosophy…as the author fights to find God’s answers. Ultimately the greatest lesson is learned by radical dependence on faith to resolve this dilemma. Are you there God? Because I’m still single, offers great encouragement for any struggling Christian and ultimately encourages the believer to find answers in a deeper relationship with Christ.
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