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Time for Hope, a ministry of Hope For Living Media Church and Bible Study Time, Inc., is a weekly television show which includes biblically based teaching by Dr. Freda Crews, and a talk and interview television show related to life issues with directions from the scriptures for living a life of joy, peace and hope. Host, Dr. Freda V. Crews, skillfully guides interactive interviews with nationally known Christian authors, clinicians, biblical scholars and spiritual leaders, who freely share their knowledge, expertise and life experiences to help people find hope and meaning in their lives. With in-depth discussions, Dr. Crews and her guests offer biblically based and practical solutions to real life problems and challenge potentially millions of viewers each week to put their hope in Jesus Christ for genuine peace, healing and recovery.


The biblical teaching of Dr. Freda V. Crews, D.Min., Ph,D., who is the Pastor of Hope For Living Media Church and the Host of Time For Hope TV. Hope For Living Media Church was certified as a media church in July 2013.

Teaching Ministry

Dr. Freda Crews, as Pastor of Hope For Living Media Church, from time to time goes it alone to bring messages related to directing viewers to the promises of God found in the Holy Bible which will encourage and strengthen them in their daily lives. She also offers practical and spiritual directions on specific issues viewers might be struggling with as they make their journey through life – providing hope for the present and for eternity.

The Mission of Time for Hope

Our mission is to help people find and grow in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and develop an intimate and trusting relationship with the Creator God, His Father. We believe we can help people realize their full potential and come to accept their value as persons of worth. We want to help viewers recognize and accept personal responsibility for their maladaptive behavioral patterns and help them learn to think differently and make better decisions in the future. We want to educate all of our viewers by giving practical, sensitive, insightful and biblical solutions to tough issues. We want to encourage our viewers to put their hope in Jesus Christ as they seek healing, recovery and growth as children of God.

Share Your Prayer Request

Let us bear your burden. “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”
Galatians 6:2


Share our Purpose

When you send a gift to support Time for Hope, you are joining us in offering hope to many viewers who might believe there is no hope for their situation, and you are also enabling us to inform and inspire some viewers to expand our mission as the learn, and in turn can minister more effectively to hurting people around them.


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